[iPhoneアプリ] BizCardMagic | 仕事効率化に役立つiPhone・Android向けのおすすめビジネスアプリのレビューサイト


製作者:Carl R Andrews, Inc.
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BizCardMagic (Be like Bond)

The hippest and hottest way to hand out your business card!

The reactions I have seen are absolutely amazing, people love it, some actually believe the business card came out of the iPhone. It doesn't matter if some people later figure out what happened because you already got the surprise reaction. The goal is not so much to fool them although some will be fooled but rather the goal is to present your business card in a fun way.

Someone asks for your business card and you say that you are all out but "there is an App for that". Launch BizCard and print your business card right on your iPhone screen. Move the card around the screen and then actually produce it from your iPhone. How cool are you?

Easy to do, a lot of fun, and why just hand someone a business card from your pocket when you can do it like Bond?

One reviewer missed the point, it is a magical way to produce a business card and works incredibly well. Their eyes pop out of their heads when I do it for people all the time. Give it a try, you will use it!

"The best way to produce a business card I've ever seen - probably one of the best iPhone Apps I've seen incorporating magic!" - Paul Romhany

"LOVE that!!!" - Gregory Wilson

"I'm just crazy, about BizCardMagic. Simple and very, very effective. Congratulations!
It is my pet effect currently alongside No Freakin' Way. Even my wife liked it and she hates magic, iPhones and Apps equally!" - Nick Lewin

"BizCard is so perfect, almost everyone I show it to thinks the new iPhones actually come with built-in printers! Still, it scrambles their brains!" - Dan Garrett

From Carl R Andrews, Inc.
Inspired by TC Tahoe