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Headspace Lite

Headspace Lite
製作者:Flat Black Films
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Headspace is a 3D listmaking/mind-mapping/to-do app.

"Love the program. Favorite app. Useful and looks great. "

"The implementation is beautiful! In my opinion, Headspace is becoming one of the best apps in the store."

"I bought Headspace last night on a whim - been fooling around with mindmapping apps lately. This is a little piece of brilliance, you know that, right? "

"This app could not just be a mindmapping program,
It has the capability to become a new kind of U.I. That in my opinion that improved over apples U.I."

Hey, man. Get all up inside your own head with HEADSPACE LITE, the 'lite' version of Flat Black Films' revolutionary 3D mind-mapping application for iphone!

Big ideas, great thoughts, even boring to-do lists are more fun when they're in THREE DIMENSIONS. Create groups of related thoughts and position them in space. Rotate, pan, and zoom your view with finger gestures. Go all David Lynch and get DEEP with yourself.

Create hierarchical lists of items -- children of children of children -- and doubletap to 'stack' them in space. Change their color and translucency. Connect related items with 'link' lines. It's heavy man.

This is the free version of the full app "Headspace". This version limits you to one "space", and you cannot export/import files.

Also the most recent version of the paid app supports unicode -- so if you use Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Russian, and other non-English characters, then for now you need to get the full version.

However, Headspace Lite shares these cool features with the full version:

- pan view with one finger
- hold finger to slowly zoom in towards touch point
- "nothing" button to deselect everything
- hold "nothing button" to bring up travel/link menu
- optional detailed notes for each item
- search function (items and notes)
- sample file
- supports landscape orientation
- fast graphics, smooth framerate
- introductory tutorial hints
- checkboxes
- copy and paste items
- customize colors and rearrange palette
- support for special characters like umlauts
- drag group name to move group
- triple-tap to 'send' an item to another group
- optionally disable accelerometer tilt
- tap empty space to pre-specify new group placement
- YouTube video demonstration/tutorial
- support for European characters like umlauts and the like

If you end up liking it, please get the full version!

Let me know what else you'd like to see added, email headspace@flatblackfilms.com.