[iPhoneアプリ] HW BizCard Reader | 仕事効率化に役立つiPhone・Android向けのおすすめビジネスアプリのレビューサイト

HW BizCard Reader

HW BizCard Reader
製作者:Hanwang Technology Co., Ltd
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HW BizCard Reader is a business card reader application customized for iPhone users, with which you can easily manage the business card contacts in your iPhone. It will deliver convenient and efficient business card recognition solution, and provide you with excellent user experience and unimaginable recognition speed.

Supported languages:

Operating System
iOS 3.0 and above

Product Description
☆Simple and fast Complete Biz card recognition with one key
☆Convenient and efficient Read recognition result quickly
☆Easy and fluent Replay Biz card image any times
☆Intelligent and user-friendly Choose the recognition languages automatically

Features and Functions
Take a photo? Anti-shake helps you obtain high quality image
How to take a photo? You can take a photo at either vertical or horizontal level
Edit the contacts? Business card image can be replayed anytime
Update Biz card? Merge the data into existing contact

Our Suggestions:
The software is suitable for mobile with iOS3.0 and above, the camera with AF and Micro lens.
Be sure to position the mobile on the top of the business card at parallel level.
You may use Lite version to test HW BizCard Reader.

Your Comments:
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