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List Buddy ~ To-Do Checklist

List Buddy ~ To-Do Checklist
製作者:John Parron
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  • " rel="screenshots">List Buddy ~ To-Do Checklistスクリーンショット
  • " rel="screenshots">List Buddy ~ To-Do Checklistスクリーンショット
  • " rel="screenshots">List Buddy ~ To-Do Checklistスクリーンショット
  • " rel="screenshots">List Buddy ~ To-Do Checklistスクリーンショット


List Buddy is the easiest and most flexible list creator ever. Create unlimited checklists & sublists for anything and everything!

List Buddy has been designed from the ground up to work in both portrait and landscape on the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad! This flexibility allows the user to choose which keyboard style is best for their workflow. Large or small fingers, List Buddy has you covered!

Sharing data is even more seamless in List Buddy 2.0. Users now have the choice to send lists individually, or select multiple lists, and share them in one elegant file. Backing up list data is just as easy, plus it’s backwards compatible! List Buddy also offers the ability to share lists as plain text via email, making it easy to import into your favorite text editor!

Organizing your lists is a great new addition to List Buddy 2.1. While custom reordering has been the default since version 2, List Buddy now offers advanced sorting options such as alphabetization, separating completed items from active items, and grouping sublists so they don’t get lost in the shuffle. The best part is that you can mix and match each setting to create a truly unique list arrangement! That’s not all though, List Buddy even saves your settings when creating a backup file!

List Buddy remembers each item name you add to a checklist to speed up the process of adding the same item to a different list in the future. When creating a new list-item, List Buddy displays a filtered list of previously used items as you type the name of the new item. Selecting the previously used item from the list will automatically change the new items name. List Buddy also gives you the choice to turn off item name remembrance in its settings. If you want a higher level of control, you can always add / edit these items in the common items manager.

• Personalize List Buddy with custom theme colors
• Select from a collection of fonts for the app’s theme
• Display a badge for incomplete lists on app’s icon

It has come to our attention that some users do not know how to edit the name of a list or sublist. Renaming a list has been available since the release of List Buddy 1.1. After creating a new list, swipe your finger to the right or left on the list’s table cell. This gesture presents a list of options such as deleting the list, emailing the list as plain text, sharing the list with other List Buddy users, and renaming the list.

• Create unlimited sublists
• Advanced sorting options
• One Touch Delete: Select multiple lists and list-items you would like to delete and remove them with one touch
• Manually reorder lists and items
• Search for lists by name or item name
• Check off items with a simple touch
• Uncheck all items in a list quickly
• Display an item's quantity, price, or subtitle
• Numeric indicator for incomplete list items

The developer of List Buddy listens to its users. Release 2.0 and 2.1 includes numerous enhancements specifically for its fans. If List Buddy doesn't have the feature your looking for, send us an email with your requests!

We're always excited to hear from you!
Please email us at: info@johnparron.com

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